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As elders, ancestors
      of future generations...

We feel it's our birth rite to be free, to live in love and thrive.


We're creating a space to support, restore and reclaim our natural human sovereignty.


Working with natures wisdom in practicing permaculture, electro culture and natural building to create a self sustaining regenerative eco system that will nourish all life for generations to come.

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Many moons ago

                                                             Alora received a vision that set her on a journey in search of land, upon arriving in Portugal and uniting with her beloved René they followed the call of their souls and began listening and tending to that vision and the dream in their hearts, through many trials, tests and moments of pure magic they have devoted and invested all they have to bring this dream into reality and are inviting your participation and welcoming in the support of our local and global community in co-creating and restoring a natural birthing and wholistic wellness sanctuary for mothers, fathers, children… Families to have a safe, nourishing and empowering space to birth, rebirth live and evolve together naturally… 


Alora and René met at a start up community in Aljezur, both dreamed of living in true harmony with nature and having a family, relationships and a lifestyle that honours and respects the beauty and bounty of all that is available to us to thrive, beside and beyond the fear and endless ladder to climb, there's a space for us to rest in simply being here together. 


Their complimentary wisdom, skills and gifts having served in the healing, hospitality and birthing field as a Sacred Artist, Birthkeeper and soon to be Mama, Shamanic Physiotherapist, Musician and soon to be Papa deeply connected to the wisdom and technology of nature that informs many of the elements required to support the wholistic wellness of all that arrive here to co-create, birth and rebirth in the creation of a nu human story.


offering weekly spaces to nourish
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Sacred Mama
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We know we're not the only ones tending this transformation.

We're blessed to share this journey and vision with other families, that contribute their time and energy as co-guardians, and have welcomed our first Mama to birth here in September.

Sacred Mama


We're in the early building phase and are also welcoming our own little lights late Autumn so calling for extra hands and hearts to help us create the sanctuary in time for their arrival.

We are in need of financial support for materials and tools to assist with the restoration, we are also open for volunteers and hosting specialist eco builders and permaculturists to offer their courses here in collaboration...

We invite you to join us in this journey
in whichever way your heart feels called.

Funds gifted so far...

Love the vision and want to support our projects?

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