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In a nutshell...

A year before Alora was invited to care for a piece of land in central Portugal, and while laying upon the majestic boulders received a visual memory of an ancient birthing cave, with clear guidance to activate the waters and restore it as a sanctuary for birthing new life... René had been looking for land to build a nest in preparation for creating a family and wellness space to share his wisdom of healing the body and soul nutrition... After a series of universal interventions, I received the call to revisit the land in Orca and invited René to join me on this mission, navigating external interference we finally got on the road and surrendered to the inevitable... Upon arrival in the dark of the moon we began with a powerful water activation ceremony that ignited a memory, magnetism and mission we could no longer deny or ignore... In the following days all became clear that we were home and share a destiny in co-creating temple spaces to honour, nurture and celebrate love and life together in sacred union devoted to building heaven on earth for generations to come. 

Almost a year later we're now rooted and preparing to welcome our own little ones in the late Autumn


Our journey has just begun... 

Enjoy our Sacred Living Journal to read more about the magic, madness, messages and miracles on the journey that led us here & guide us through... 

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As natural explorers...

Both on a quest, a mission to plant sovereign roots and share our wisdom, we met on a warm sunny afternoon in April 2021 at a presentation of a start up community and retreat center in Aljezur, the heart of the Algarve.

“Magic was in the air"

I barely glimpsed his presence pass the kitchen door and suddenly had the impulse to put on a dress!  While a spark was ignited both of us we’re somewhat in denial of the connection yet our souls were already dancing in the dreamtime... The relentless synchronicities, messages, signs and magic that unfolded in the following months was undeniable, through the soul of a past life child we were forced to acknowledge that something quite powerful was inviting us on a journey...

Roles & Responsibilities


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Many many moons ago I received a message… "Look for the land" And while i'd always dreamed of living closer to nature, having a family and sharing my sacred arts I had know idea it would unfold as it has… 

August 2020, I had been invited to care for a special piece of land in central Portugal in a town called Orca, I was travelling with my friend Jem and my newly rescued pup Rocco, we arrived at night, couldn't see a thing yet the moment we stepped out of the car I knew this was it… The next morning we woke up to the magic that surrounded us and as I laid on one of the boulders a vision emerged, I saw women, birthing, bleeding, singing and tending life together, families emerging, thriving… I saw the village… 

DAMARA ViLLAGE and this was the sanctuary…

Yet life had some key people for me to meet before my return a year later... 

I'm deeply grateful for all who have been and continue to be instrumental in this being a reality… THANK YOU for being here.


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Alora  Rene

Olá, We're





You're ENOUGH!




I had been living close to nature for a long time, developing my natural skills and observing the wisdom of nature, honouring the call of my soul to co-create a space to share and provide a more supportive environment for future generations...


In April 2021 I met Alora at a start up community in Aljezur, hearing her vision and passion for this land I felt called to support in someway and accompanied her on a visit to Orca, as we got closer I felt i'd arrived home, a feeling I hadn't had since my childhood, what was meant to be a few days turned into 6 weeks, I began listening to and tending the energies, the soil, the trees and building what we needed to be cosy in the cabin for the winter…

Now, we are soon to be parents and the magic continues.

As a Natural Scientist, Artist and Advocate for soul sovereignty I'm happy to share my wisdom and findings with you and welcome you to contribute and visit this truly special place.

To learn more of our projects and offerings 

"Gaia my Guru, Stars my Guide, Life my Muse, Love my Tide"

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As a Sacred Artist, Birthkeeper, Guardian & Guide

poetically asissting soul embodiment & human evolution,

I'm passionate about restoring our natural wisdom, lore and birth… While birthing Templo da Vida, supporting Mamas and deepening in my own journey of Mamahood...


I currently offer Sacred Mama Wellness Retreats, Ceremonies, Wildcrafted Self Care Remedies, Bump, Birth & Beyond Support, Placenta Art & Alchemy & In Your Essence Artography…  

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We know we're not the only ones tending this transformation.

We're blessed to share this journey and vision with other families, that contribute their time and energy as co-guardians, and have welcomed our first Mama to birth here in September.

Sacred Mama

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We are the Ancestors of future generations, how do we want to be remembered?

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