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As the power of love 
transcends the love of power, our world will know peace

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To live in love, to embrace our
humanity & embody our divinity


Soul Sovereignty… A time of returning to honouring our power & the sacredness of life on all dimensions



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Women birthing naturally, families thriving & our elders, transitioning powerfully

Human Sovereignty… A time of remembering, great acts of love, of deep inner power, joy and true freedom to create a life we don't need to heal or escape from for future generations...

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Co-Creation… Transforming the pain of separation, competition and fear of death through compassionate communication, conscious collaboration and sacred living support circles...



Planting seeds of sovereignty, harmony & wellness

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Love & Support

It takes a village to hold & create this sanctuary

Iana Lahi & Spirit Gateways

Supports Templo Da Vida

Rose Hoiday at New Earth Adventures

Supports Templo Da Vida

Templo da Vida sanctifies the path of bringing light into the world.

As a mama who had a deep desire to experience a home birth and was not granted it, I feel it is so incredibly important that women can once again experience the power and magic of natural birth in a safe and guided field of a tribe. 


Women and men are allowed to remember the primal power and sacred process of conceiving a child at this time.


The souls who have chosen to come into the world are given a gentle, primal and loving way of arrival so that they are accompanied with the breath of the wind, the gentleness of clean water and the rustle of leaves. Their first breath takes place in God's creation.  


As a holistic therapist, quantum doula and mama, I know how infinitely powerful it is for the health, holyness and well-being of our children to be able to walk this path of arrival.   


Templo da Vida accompanies this journey: giving birth in nature, held in the love and trust of women and men who know about this so special time for expectant families.....  This is our future: back to the origin and thus the awakening of self-power from the beginning ! Aho


Get inspired or involved with our Sacred Support Stories

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As Elders and Emissaries of Eden. Guardians of Gaia, in service to souls arriving, awakening and ascending in this time of great change. We're devoted to co-creating a natural, nurturing and nourishing space where we and others can harmoniously heal from ancestral and generational trauma, to inspire and initiate a deeper, naturally fulfilling way of living in greater harmony with each other and all beings that call Gaia... Home.


A sanctuary for those seeking or deepening  on the path of Love, discovering who they truly are, why we're really here and truly experiencing the miracle of life that begins at the moment of conception, the root of trauma is seeded in the womb, when we reclaim our rite to birth without unnecessary intervention, we create new worlds...


We invite your participation and presence in support of our collective mission in co-creating Damara Village through Templo Da Vida


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