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Sacred Living


in the heart of Portugal

AllSenses Family Supports Templo Da Vida

We met Angéle, Frank and Adah at a start up community in Aljezur, we quickly discovered we shared the same dream and experienced some beautiful and magical moments together. Unfortunately the dream we shared was not possible at that time and life took us in different directions. They'd set off in their motorhome and René and I set off for Orca and began our journey with TEMPLO DA VIDA. We kept in touch yet it was around the beginning of the year we encountered some financial difficulty and challenges, on the 30th January our beloved dogs were shot and we buried our beloved Rocco at the sanctuary that day. I was beside myself and to top it off our trusty 4x4 we were about to sell to pay for the rest of the land became a right off. All I could do was surrender… The same day I received a message from Angéle sharing she was feeling me so strongly and felt called to gift the resources we needed to anchor and continue creating TEMPLO DA VIDA… A true miracle, divine alignment that united us as guardians of this sacred space.

Some words from Angéle...

As a mama who had a deep desire to experience a home birth and was not granted it, I feel it is so incredibly important that women can once again experience the power and magic of natural birth in a safe and guided field of a tribe.

Templo da Vida sanctifies the path of bringing light into the world.

Women and men are allowed to remember the primal power and sacred process of conceiving a child at this time.

The souls who have chosen to come into the world are given a gentle, primal and loving way of arrival so that they are accompanied with the breath of the wind, the gentleness of clean water and the rustle of leaves. Their first breath takes place in God's creation.

As a holistic therapist, quantum doula and mama, I know how infinitely powerful it is for the health, holyness and well-being of our children to be able to walk this path of arrival.

Templo da Vida accompanies this journey: giving birth in nature, held in the love and trust of women and men who know about this so special time for expectant families..... This is our future: back to the origin and thus the awakening of self-power from the beginning ! Aho

Thank you Allsenses Family for your deep love, care and support as we bring this dream into reality.


Alora & René

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