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Sacred Living


in the heart of Portugal

Message from the Heart of the World

This is a powerful message, one that takes an honest and open heart to digest and discern how to live with this information… As a fellow ambassador for change, restoring mother natures resources and returning to live in right relationship with her abundance and each other I was guided to participate through the creation of TEMPLO DA VIDA.

Help us create TEMPLO DA VIDA

I discovered the call of the Kogi tribe Back in 2016. I was experiencing a lot of synchronicity and deep transformation at the time and their message reached me a magical way. I was speaking, offering a workshop on the subject of listening to and following your heart and teaching yoga at The Travel Storytelling Festival in Brussels, when I received 7 yoga sequences in alignment with the planets and chakras in the middle of the night, as I began practicing them I found my meditations to be wildly shamanic with insights that led me on a journey of meeting Aluna. As I began to melt into savasana after a sensual sacral chakra yoga flow I was met by a white horse with blue eyes that led me to a river… her name was Aluna, the visual journey that followed was one of sacred union as a tool for planetary healing. A week later my niece was visiting and wanting to watch a movie on Netflix, I signed up for a free trial and we had a sweet evening watching cute movies. Having an awareness of the subliminal messages and programming in these streams of entertainment I rarely watch anything yet I felt called to browse the documentaries before the trial ended and was struck with full body tingles when I saw a documentary titled ALUNA. It took me four attempts to watch it fully as I kept going into trances, remembering, receiving and reconnecting to my role here which I share in detail in my Sacred Journal post Meeting Aluna.

May this message touch the wisdom in your heart, you're welcome to share your experience in the space below and with all those you love. In creative joy, devotion and appreciation

Alora x

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