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in the heart of Portugal

Supporting Lila

I knew from the moment we connected a deep and powerful journey lay ahead...

I was driving home from a deeply healing Sacred Womb Honouring Ceremony I held, the sun was setting as I arrived, minutes before our call. Lila was 20 weeks or rather in the 5th moon, the summer of her pregnancy with her second babe.

Her first was born in hospital, scarred from her experience she expressed her desire for a non intrusive homebirth. My body vibrated as I felt the presence of the soul she was to bring to earth. I could feel the power and conviction of her desire amidst the fear and trauma in her voice and knew she was ready to meet what was needed to have the experience she was inviting.

2 weeks later we met in the park and our connection deepened as she released the sadness of her experience in the system and her ancestral influence, she felt unseen, unheard and unsupported in her desire and so our journey began.

We met all that arose with love, openness and presence, while we had free flowing communication, we met once a month leading up to the birth, our first meeting on their land here in Portugal to envision and define her desires for birth. Our second meeting was at her home meeting her partner, son and birthing room. Our third meeting was her Sacred Mama Blessing, a circle of women celebrating and honouring her preparation for birth on the land.

Our fourth meeting we checked the position and heartbeat of her babe and her wellness on all levels, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual... throughout our journey we met and tended the fears and stories that arose around natural birth in reconnecting to our inner and innate wisdom... I witnessed Lila meet it all with so much honesty and trust... As time was drawing near to the “due date” we explored the wisdom of gestation and it’s alignment with the lunar energy that allowed her to relax into and trust the timing of her babes arrival... I received it would be in the night, on the same day of the same moon phase Lila was born in... and in the morning of this day received a message from Lila that light surges had begun and a again at 6:30 in the evening from Micha’el sharing they were ready for me to arrive...

She’d had a relaxing bath and was well into her first phase of labor, we sang together as I drummed, made sure she had plenty of nourishing liquids and gave her space to meet and transition into the next phase of active labor... Her waters released around 9pm cascading like a gentle waterfall, as she moved freely into the positions that felt supportive, I assisted her expansion with Sacred Mama massage and she deepened into the pleasure of the pressure, encouraging her voice to accompany the waves of her descending babe... Her deep, powerful, primal, sexual, creative life force vibrating as she roared, the earth holding her as she shared “he’s coming” his head crowning as she reached to feel and have first contact with her babe earthside before expressing she wanted me to catch the babe, his head now facing me and as she inwardly roared he spiralled and swam into my hands and just as I was passing him through to his Mama, opened his eyes with a penetrating message... I am here.

Lila in awe and in surprise that she had just birthed her babe brought him to her breast, he latched beautifully, the cord was short yet he just reached the nipple... We waited for the placenta yet there was very little surges and when two hours had passed I sensed there was something else for Lila to meet at this phase... We assisted with homeopathy, uterine massage, nursing, nipple stimulation, intimacy anything to keep the oxytocin flowing yet her cervix had closed as if birth was complete... Her placenta retained. Residue of her fear of going to the hospital amidst ancestral trauma waiting to be released... She journeyed through the night to meet it until she decided from an empowered not fearful place to go to hospital to have the placenta removed. She was tired yet her and babe we’re feeling and feeding well.

When the ambulance arrived neither I or Micha’el was allowed to travel with her.

We decided I would stay with their 3 year old son and Micha’el would meet her at the hospital. An hour later I received a call from Lila... Upon her arrival she was met with an intrusive doctor that attempted to dive right into his “job” without even acknowledging her existence, to whom she spoke, held and honoured her temple and her presence commanding his presence and respect... While it wasn’t pleasant, within 5 minutes her placenta was out and she felt relieved, she was able to keep her Babe and placenta with her at all times and she returned home victorious.

I had cleaned and prepared the home for their arrival and left them to rest and enjoy this new chapter. Friends brought them meals, helped clean and walk their dog Lua... They were so held and supported, a few days later Micha’el’s parents arrived to support for a month.

And I had a few days to rest and integrate the rebirth, the gifts this birth bestowed upon me... in becoming a Sacred Birthkeeper.

A week after the birth I visited to see how all were feeling and assist Lila in processing the birth... Oliver growing well blessed me with another gift as he nestled into my heart, pressed his feet as if to stand on my growing babes in my womb while holding my Merkabah necklace made of gold as Lila spoke words she had written of her experience of our journey together...

I am so grateful for having you by my side in those sensitive yet powerful moments of pregnancy and birth.

Always made me feel comfortable and accepted just as I am.

What I loved the most in our journey together was the way you walked by my side, guided me when I need you, supporting and honouring me and at the same time, letting me lead the way.  Following my vision for the birth and trusting me in knowing the best for me and my baby.

It was a magical birth, an experience I will never forget and that will continue to shape and empower me for the rest of my life. Thank you. Lila.

Tears kissed my face as I received this honouring deeply realising the shifts taking place through the power of women and sacredness of birth being restored.

Thank you Lila

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