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in the heart of Portugal

Supporting Rebeckah…

This woman birthed me as a Doula.

Meeting at a Hathor workshop in Glastonbury, England, our ancient bond was reignited.

I'll never forget the day she shared she felt she was pregnant, something deep awoke in me as we naturally journeyed together. I had no idea this would change the course of my life…

I'm forever grateful to have been invited into such a sacred experience and to deepen our friendship… Rebekah you are an endless source of inspiration in your mothering and as a woman, i'm blessed to love you and thanks to your initiative, receiving and support of me i'm humbly empowered to serve and support Mamas in this rite of passage.

Rebekah's Experience...

Alora was beside us during our journey to becoming parents- and for this we are deeply grateful. She was a strong anchor and support and did more for us during this transition than we could have ever imagined.

Prior to our son's birth she hosted a magnificent blessing way ceremony where I was surrounded by my beloved sisters, sung to and my body painted, and blessings written on leaves to keep for when I needed to read them.

She assisted my partner when he did a body cast of our bubba in my belly, and was a continuous beacon of love and support throughout the 9 months.

In the early hours of the morning she came to be with us as our son was coming, and she stood beside us and gave my partner some well needed breaks, and nourished us on every level, body, mind and spirit. At this point she had never done any “training” but she is such a natural birthing-doula that our midwife thought she was long trained and experienced. She intuitively knew what I needed when I needed it, held my hands in the most challenging moments of my life, and supported my choices when I knew I needed to be transferred to hospital. After staying with us a whole day and night she trusted my intuition and assisted me to trust myself too, in this moment of chaos which probably enabled my son to arrive safety with support at the hospital.

She took some stunning photos for us, which we will cherish always and after he was born was popping over frequently to see if we needed anything and arranged local friends to collect funds so we could get massaged and buy reuseable nappies.

Alora went above and beyond to provide us with the love and support that every family deserves when they are bringing a child into the world. Anyone who has Alora present during this transition is very blessed indeed.

Thank you Alora so much, we truly cherish you as a friend and epic doula!

With love

Rebekah, Paul and Arthur.

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