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in the heart of Portugal

Thank you...

WOW… I'm in awe of the magic and miracles that have kept me on this mission!

In late winter of 2022 life was quite challenging to navigate, our union being tested, potential loss of the land, our dogs being shot, burying our beloved Rocco, I was in deep surrender to the storm that was moving through, yet spirit moves in mysterious and miraculous ways and our first contribution blew us away, restored our faith and soothed our hearts...

Just a few weeks after we discovered I'm pregnant.

While there's so many stories to share from this journey, which you can find in the SACRED SUPPORT STORIES tab, I wish to honour the SACRED CONTRIBUTIONS we receive in this post for without your support this would all be but a dream.

EMMANUELLE & FRANK contributed €8000

This helped us finalise the purchase of the land and set our wheels in motion to create this online temple to share the vision and fulfil the mission in restoring the sanctuary and the sacredness of birth.

FREYA contributed €1000

This helped us purchase some of the materials needed for natural building of the natural birthing cave

ROSE contributed €465

This helped us purchase some furnishings for our bell tent for visitors

As more contributions come in I will update this post

If you would like to contribute in some way and help us bring this dream into reality please visit our SACRED CONTRIBUTIONS page

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