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Sacred Power

in the heart of Portugal
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I specialise in Wholistic Physiotherapy & Soul Nutrition 

supporting those choosing and ready to restore their Sacred Power through wholistic wellness therapy sessions and sharing my wisdom in our seasonal retreats...

Olá i'm



Sacred Power


An invitation to deepen our connection and explore the wisdom of the body, to learn techniques and therapies to empower and nourish yourself and others on all levels for greater quality of life

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Each session works on the whole, supporting the release of trauma, energy blocks and chronic illness to restore balance, ease and grace to enjoy the gift of life...

All offerings are on a sacred gifting basis for the value is in the difference we make 

Wholistic Wellness


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Sacred Birthkeeper



Exploring the Art of Empowerment and Nourishment…


A Sacred gathering to restore and preserve, heal and honour our birth stories and rites, create and share natural remedies, learn postural treatments and techniques to support and empower women and couples through fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond.  

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René has such a gentle and powerful presence that helped me feel safe and brave enough to release and meet the tension in my body that i'd been carrying for far too long, his wisdom and experience guided me into deeper connection with myself in a wholistic and practical way


Liberating Love


As a trained physiotherapist, the linchpin of my work is supporting people individually with a wholistic therapy method.  In my opinion, if we want to heal ourselves, this is only possible if we bring the physical level (body), mental level (spirit) and energetic level (soul) back into balance. 


Healing means wholeness, meaning being whole on all levels.

 In my physiotherapeutic work, I pay a lot of attention to the spine.  The spine as a whole is the central supporting structural element of our body as well as the protective covering of the spinal cord from which the nervous system arises.

When this system is blocked, the rest of the body will suffer as well.

I use various methods to bring the body back into balance: further developments of the very successful Dorn therapy to restore the bone system and thus ensure relaxation of the muscles, but also specifically applied acupuncture massages and numerous forms of wellness massage designed to liberate the body and mind in order to be able to create more space for you as a soul and to be able to lead a self-empowered life.  

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we just have to rediscover this and you can do this by learning to treat yourself, taking full responsibility for everything you carry with you and creating the space for it.  


Are you ready? 


We're already perfect


My Journey


It was through working myself to the point of burnout at the beginning of my professional life that led me to devoting my time to bring my own body and mind towards balance...


Through daily practice, for hours tending and listening to my own body

as well as thousands of other people from all walks of life with different backgrounds and the ballast that each of us carries, I have been able to train my perception enormously and still do.  With the awareness and knowledge that each of us has the power to heal ourselves, I am happy to share all my experiences as a freelance physiotherapist over the past 17 years and give you the keys to help you on your way to self-empowerment, because the more each one of us can connect to and create life with our sacred power, the more we will also experience more harmony on the outside. 


For this reason I offer a safe and supportive space to help every soul, if you're ready to take life into your own hands.  


Are you ready?

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Here's how I can help

Since our "modern" lifestyle leads to a lack of exercise, incorrect strain and ultimately to misalignments of the spine and pelvis (centre/base) and thus to misalignments and malfunctions in the entire body. 


I have made it my task to break these cycles

in order to be able to lead people back to their nature, because you can only build a stable house on a solid basis and it is similar in our body.  An imbalance in the statics is usually the cause of back problems as well as numerous other complaints because the body is enormously inhibited in its natural functionality.  It can be assumed that a "pelvic tilt" can arise due to stress, lack of exercise, a fall, but even during the birth process, at the moment when the child comes through the birth canal, and often cannot solve itself again because the  external influences, through our more or less unnatural way of life, are often too strong.  But as soon as we start to lead these points back towards balance, the tense muscle chains can loosen, which in turn means a change in movement patterns and the result is that we are confronted with our unnatural behavior patterns in order to ultimately consciously solve them, or we  to be able to perceive the natural impulses that have always existed in order to be able to ensure a healthy life and a healthy environment in which our children can also follow their nature unhindered. 




I can help you with a wide variety of treatment techniques, such as the very deep spine treatment (Dorn therapy), with which functional leg length differences that require treatment can be corrected and vertebrae that are not in their normal position can be brought back into the correct position through pressure from the therapist and simultaneous movement of the patient gladly so that you can rediscover your naturalness step by step.  Since a pair of nerves exits each vertebra and supplies organ and tissue areas in the same body segment, positive effects on these areas are achieved at the same time.  For example, in the area of the third thoracic vertebra is the "gate of the wind" (called "fengmen" by the Chinese), which is responsible for supplying the respiratory organs.  Thus, a vertebral correction in this area can normalise a disturbed respiratory function, such as asthma or bronchitis, that cause problems in the breathing area, a misalignment of the third thoracic vertebra.

I use a few tools to free the spine from very deep blockages.  Very tightly bonded muscles can be loosened, which of course will be associated with pain.  But by penetrating the very deep blockages that have built up over decades, the body is supported in its self-healing power and the body, mind and soul can unite more with each other.  


Direct improvements in pain in the...

• cervical spine 

• thoracic spine 

• lumbar spine

• tinnitus 

• migraine 

• sciatic nerves 

• hips 

• knees

• ankles 

• carpal syndrome 

• shoulders

• arthritis

• intervertebral disc problems 

• scoliosis 

• and much more....

Restore Balance

Using a special

Acupuncture Wand to Massage & release blocked energy along the meridians, we can liberate and realign your system to it's natural balance

Need aligning?

Spinal Flow

Using the DORN METHOD and natural tools for transformation we bring the spine & pelvis back into it's optimal position for your energy & Sacred Power to flow


Need more power?

Healing Support

Using the magic of kinesiotape to bring or release energy where it may be needed we support the healing and restoration of your well-being

Need support?

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Restore Balance


Acupuncture Massage

According to Penzel The APM is a special massage method which is carried out with a special acupuncture wand in order to solve various symptoms that have been caused by functional disorders via the meridians (energy network).  Since we have an influence on the entire organism via the energy cycle, several symptoms may change at the same time.  Among other things, the first cervical vertebra as well as the pelvis and sacroiliac joint can be adjusted in order to correct a functional difference in leg length.

Spinal Flow


Dorn Method

(German technique)

A technique in which the individual vertebrae and the pelvis can be brought into balance.  using gentle treatment techniques in cooperation with the patient.  Usually painless and ideal for childbirth preparation and follow-up treatment.  When the pelvis is in its relaxed and natural position, the baby will be able to birth itself more easily : )

Outside of pregnancy we can go deeper utilising tools to release years of blockages.

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Healing Support



(elastic movement tape)

Another component of my treatment concept consists of cleansing the energy field and the use of kinesiotape which, when used correctly, has an enormously supportive effect on the body in its healing process.  Acute traumas are treated, chronic complaints but also scars such as a Caesarean section scar can be brought back into balance with the tape because the energy channels (meridians) are often disturbed in their function by scar tissue, which in the long run will bring other complaints with it.  I also like to use the tape after spinal treatment to support the healing process. Here, too, the body's statics are taken into account and brought back into balance with a targeted acupuncture massage and adjustment of the atlas vertebra (1st cervical vertebra). 

Then taping continues until the person is beaming again and can breathe deeply;  )

Need Support?

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